If you are on the 09U Hagler or 11U Lynn Teams, for appropriate waiver and payment information, please CLICK HERE

Rates for the 2021-2022 season

Below is a list of payment dates and links, plus the Shuma uniform amounts. There is a pay in full option for  just the Meridian Fees.  On this page you will also find Mindbody Password Reset information and Waiver Links.

Reservation Payment #1 and #2

All players have a Meridian Reservation Fee. This is made up of 2 payments.
Reservation payment #1 and #2 cannot be cancelled or refunded.
Reservation Payment #1 is due on 8/16/2021.
Reservation Payment #2 is due on 9/15/2021.
These payments must be paid for on the dates mentioned by clicking on the link below. Note: Paying Reservation payment #1, will not automatically charge Reservation Payment #2. You must log in again and purchase Reservation payment #2 on 9/15/2021.
CLICK HERE to select the item to add to your mindbody shopping cart.

Shuma Uniform Payment

This payment is to be paid directly to Shuma for the uniforms.
The estimated uniform costs are $646.00 for all returning players.
There is an additional $125.00 due for new players for the helmet and the bat bag. This brings the new player uniform estimate to $771.00.
All returning players also have the option of purchasing the helmet and bat bag again for an additional $125. Please inform your coach if you are a returning player and would like to purchase the helmet and bat bag again.
The Shuma Uniform payment is due on 10/15/2021 and you will pay directly to Shuma.
The Shuma uniform payment cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Meridian Monthly Fee:

Once the monthly fee is subscribed to, it will be auto-debited for 7 months on the 15th of every month. The monthly fees split the remaining budget balance equally among the 7 remaining months of the season.

The first monthly fee payment is due on 11/15/2021. Then, payments are due 12/15/2021, 1/15/2022, 2/15/2022, 3/15/2022, 4/15/2022 and the last monthly fee payment is on 5/15/2022.

Once you have enrolled for our monthly fees, you are made aware upon payment the monthly fee is not refundable in either full, part or on a prorated basis. In case you choose to stop/cancel your automatically debited monthly fees at any given point of time, services will be suspended. You shall be required to pay a $75.00 reinstatement fee to continue services.

On 11/15/2021, to add the monthly fees to your shopping cart please CLICK HERE.  Then select the age group, and then login to your mindbody account.

Alternatively, you may login to your mindbody account, and click on the “Meridian Monthly Fee” tab. Select the age group and it will add the appropriate fees to your shopping cart. To login to your mindbody account first, please CLICK HERE.

Pay Meridian Fees in Full

To pay your both reservation payments and the 7 monthly fees in full all at once, please CLICK HERE. Select your team and the full amount will be added to your mindbody cart.
Note: The October Shuma Uniform payment will also need to be paid directly to Shuma by you. Fees that are paid in full can not be cancelled or refunded.

12U Cooperstown Fee:

More information will be available soon.

Password Reset

To reset your password CLICK HERE and then click on “Need New Password”.
On the screen that comes up, enter your mindbody email address to have a password reset email sent to your email address. Check your email account for a password reset email from Mindbody and follow the instructions in that email.

Update Credit Card on File

To update the credit card you have on file, please CLICK HERE and login. Then go to “Profile”, followed by “Billing” and enter your new billing information.


Some players have already signed the Minor/Player Waiver for tryouts and paid the $25 tryout registration fee. If you have already done this, please do not sign another waiver. This waiver process created your mindbody account if you were a new player. If you do not remember your waiver/mindbody password please use the instructions above under the Password Reset section.

If you have not yet signed a minor/player waiver for the 2021-2022 season, please follow the link below to do so. Once the waiver is completed, we will follow up with you to bill the fee to your card.

To sign the Minor/Player waiver electronically CLICK HERE


09U Hagler and 11U Lynn Teams

This information is only for the 09U Hagler and 11U Lynn Teams. If you are on either of these two teams, please following the following steps:

Step 1:
The Minor/Player Waiver should be signed online by a parent or guardian. For players that are new to Meridian, completing the waiver will also create a mindbody account for you. Mindbody is used to process payments for Meridian.

If you are a returning player, please use the same email and password that was used for mindbody in previous seasons to complete the waiver, so a new account is not created for you.

If you have more than one player and/or a coach using the same email address on multiple mindbody accounts, please use different passwords for each account. Using different passwords allow multiple accounts with the same email address. If the same password is used, you may have issues accessing multiple accounts.

Once the waiver is completed, it should bring you back to this page to continue with Step 2.

To sign the Minor/Player waiver electronically CLICK HERE

Step 2:
Sign up for 10 automatically charged monthly fees. The first monthly fee will be deducted when you sign up using one of the mindbody links below. There will be 9 more monthly fees that will be automatically charged, to the same card, on the 15th of each month, starting September 15, 2021. The last payment will automatically charge on May 15, 2022.

In mindbody, it could show the billing is until June 2022, but there will only be 10 payments billed and no June 2022 payment.

Please use the appropriate link below and then login to Mindbody using the same email and password used for your waiver.

09U Hagler
$ 210.00 per month for 10 months.

11U Lynn
$ 225.00 per month for 10 months.